Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.” Bukhari 4:52:220  

It was Hitler who once said that when you tell a lie tell a big lie.  The two biggest lies that have ever been told is that Islam is A religion of Peace and  Muhammad as a Prophet of Peace.

In his personal life, Muhammad was a megalomaniac; a self-appointed “prophet”, using his self-serving revelations, supposedly from ALLAH, for personal gain, and to satisfy his own base nature.  He was personally guilty of murder, including by beheadings and crucifixion, rape, torture, kidnapping, extortion, slavery, mutilations, theft, adultery, false witness, abuse of women, physically and sexually, and sexual abuse of at least one child.  Mohammad slaughtered unbelievers and masterminded over 60 massacres, He left behind the blueprint for Islam, a dysfunctional society bent on world domination by whatever means necessary! 

Convinced of his own status, he was intolerant of those who rejected him, assassinated those who criticized him, raided and looted those who did not believe in him, and massacred entire populations. He reduced thousands into slavery, raped and allowed his men to rape female captives. He was generous to those who accepted him, but vengeful towards those who didn’t.   Punishments for taking a stand against Muhammad included torture and death. Both men and women were brutally killed for criticizing Muhammad.  Hundreds of Jewish men were beheaded for standing against him, while their wives and children were sold into slavery.   Some early Muslims who apostatized were killed after Muhammad gave the command to kill all who turn away from Islam.  He murdered numerous people whose only crime was writing poems against him.

As a child molester, among the earliest duties of Aisha as Muhammad's wife of 9 years old was the task of washing semen stains off his clothes: "Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) narrated: I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the Prophet (the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them."

 After defeating one Jewish town, Muhammad ordered the beheading of all the adult males in the place, numbering anywhere from 700-1000 individuals. The women and children were sold into slavery, and the town looted.  Muslim tradition also recounts that upon taking Mecca, Muhammad ordered the death of a poetess of the city, Asma daughter of Marwan, who had ridiculed him and who had pointed out that some of the material in the Qur'an had actually been stolen from her father, also a poet, and used by Muhammad. The traditions relate this story as follows,

“The Apostle of Allah said, 'Who will rid me of the daughter of Marwan?' “

Upon hearing this, the Companion Umair ibn Udaj went to her house and killed her, reporting back to Muhammad of the deed the next day. It is then recorded,

“Then in the morning he was with the Apostle of Allah and said to him, 'O Apostle of Allah, verily I have killed her.' Then (Mohammed) said, 'Thou hast helped Allah and His Apostle, O Umair!'

Thus, this "prophet" ordered the death of a woman because of personal vendetta and to protect himself from charges of plagiarism!

Mohammed one time ordered the death of an old man who mocked the Muslim pride in their dirty foreheads. Muslims in Mohammed's day were proud of their method of prayer, placing their foreheads directly in the dirt. The elderly man, mockingly suggesting that there was more to prayer than mere outward form (having a dirty forehead), took some dirt, spread it on his own forehead, and stated that this was good enough for him. Mohammed ordered his Muslim followers to murder the old man, which they did. 

Certain of the ahadith are full of instances where Mohammed ordered opponents and those with whom he had personal grudges to be killed. One example in particular shows Mohammed’s penchant for wickedness as he pressed his revenge. The traditions record the fate of a certain Arabian Jew of the tribe of the Bene Nadir named Ka'b ibnu'l Ashraf who was believed to have been conspiring against Mohammed’s life, as well as singing insulting songs about Muslim women. For these offences,


 "The Messenger of Allah said: 'Who will kill Ka'b ibnu'l Ashraf? He has maligned Allah, the Exalted, and His Messenger!'" (This was after the Muslims apparently were in control of the war situation.) "Muhammad ibn Maslama said: 'Messenger of Allah, do you wish that I should kill him?' He said: 'Yes" ... so Muhammad ibn Maslama came to Ka'b and pretended to be a dissident of Islam to gain his confidence. He asked for the loan of foodstuffs. It was agreed upon to pledge the weapons in exchange. Muhammad ibn Maslama promised that he would return with three (four) friends. That night they went. When his wife heard them, she exclaimed: "I hear a voice which sounds like the voice of murder", but Ka'b quietened her and went down to them. Muhammad (ibn Maslama) said to his companions: "As he comes down, I will extend my hands towards his head and when I hold him fast, you should do your job.'" They conversed about the "very fine smell" of the scent of his hair. Being allowed to smell his hair, he held his head fast" and said to his companions: 'Do your job.' And they killed him."

Now we will examine other source references to this event.

From the Sirat, page 365. The background to his murder is that after the battle of Badr, Ka`b bin al-Ashraf was horrified by Muhammad's victory, and the death of certain Arab leaders. I'll start with Ka`b's quote expressing his surprise at the Muslim victory.




"Is this true? Did Muhammad actually kill these whom these two men mention? These are the nobles of the Arabs and kingly men; by God, if Muhammad has slain these people it were better to be dead than alive."

When the enemy of God became certain that the news was true he left the town and went to Mecca to stay with al-Muttalib who was married to `Atika. She took him in and entertained him hospitably. He began to inveigh against the apostle and to recite verses in which he bewailed the Quraysh who were thrown into the pit after having been slain at Badr.

The Sirat now lists some of the poems made up by Ka`b and others. The narrative continues: Then he composed amatory verses of an insulting nature about the Muslim women. The apostle said - according to what Abdullah Burda told me, "Who will rid me of Ibnu'l-Ashraf?" Maslama said, "I will deal with him for you, O apostle of God, I will kill him." He said, "Do so if you can." So Maslama returned and waited for three days without food or drink, apart from what was absolutely necessary. When the apostle was told of this he summoned him and asked him why he had given up eating and drinking. He replied that he had given him an undertaking and he did not know whether he could fulfil it. The apostle said, "All that is incumbent upon you is that you should try." He said, "O apostle of God, we shall have to tell lies." He answered, "Say what you like, for you are free in the matter."

Thereupon he and Silkan [Abu Na'ila], and Abbad, and Harith, and Abu `Abs b. Jabr conspired together and sent Silkan to the enemy of God, Ka`b, before they came to him. He talked to him some time and they recited poetry one to the other, for Silkan was fond of poetry. Then he said, "O Ibn Ashraf, I have come to you about a matter which I want to tell you of and wish you to keep secret." "Very well", he replied. He went on, "The coming of this man is a great trial to us. It has provoked the hostility of the Arabs, and they are all in league against us. The roads have become impassable so that our families are in want and privation, and we and our families are in great distress." Ka`b answered, "By God, I kept telling you, O Ibn Salama, that the things I warned you of would happen." Silkan said to him, "I want you to sell us food and we will give you a pledge of security and you deal generously in the matter." He replied, "Will you give me your sons as a pledge?" He said, "You want to insult us. I have friends who share my opinion and I want to bring them to you so that you many sell to them and act generously, and we will give you enough weapons for a good pledge." Silkan's object was that he should not take alarm at the sight of weapons when they brought them. Ka`b answered, "Weapons are a good pledge."

Thereupon Silkan returned to his companions, told them what has happened, and ordered them to take their arms. Then they went away and assembled with him and met the apostle.

 Thaur b. Zayd told me the apostle walked with them as far as Gharqad. Then he sent them off, saying, "Go in God's name; O God help them." So saying, he returned to his house. Now it was a moonlight night and they journeyed on until they came to his castle, and Abu Na'ila called out to him. He had only recently married and he jumped up in the bedsheet, and his wife took hold of the end of it and said, "You are at war, and those who are at war do not go out at this hour." He replied, "It is Abu Na'ila. Had he found me sleeping he would not have woken me." She answered, "By God, I can feel evil in his voice." Ka`b answered, "Even if the call were for a stab a brave man must answer it."

So he went down and talked to them for some time, while they conversed with him. then Abu Na'ila said, "Would you like to walk with us to Shi`b al-`Ajuz, so that we can talk for the rest of the night?" "If you like", he answered, so they went off walking together; and after a time Abu Na'ila ran his hand through his hair. Then he smelt his hand, and said, "I have never smelt a scent finer than this." They walked on farther and he did the same so that Ka`b suspected no evil. Then after a space did it for the third time and cried, "Smite the enemy of God!" So they smote him, and their swords clashed over him with no effect. Maslama said, "I remembered my dagger when I saw that our swords were useless, and I seized it. Meanwhile the enemy of God had made such a noise that every fort around us was showing a light. I thrust it into the lower part of his body, then I bore down upon it until I reached his genitals, and the enemy of God fell to the ground. Harith had been hurt, being wounded either in his head or in his foot, one of our swords having stuck him. We went away, passing by the Umayya and then the Qurayza and then both until we went up the Harra of Urayd. Our friend Harith had lagged behind, weakened by loss of blood, so we waited for him for some time until he came up, following our tracks. We carried him and brought him to the apostle OT the end of the night. We saluted him as he stood praying, and he came out to us and we told him that we had killed God's enemy. He spat upon our comrade's wounds, and both he ad we returned to our families. Our attack upon God's enemy cast terror among the Jews, and there was no Jew in Medina who did not fear for his life."


 Ibn Sa'd adds another interesting feature to this story. From Ibn Sa'd, vol 1, page 37:

Then they cut his head and took it with them. ... they cast his head before him [Muhammad]. He (the prophet) praised Allah on his being slain.


 Note what really happened here. Ka`b encouraged Muhammad's enemies, and made up some poems about Muslim women. Muhammad didn't like it, and had him murdered. After they kill Ka`b, they behead him and bring his head to Muhammad. When Muhammad sees his head, Muhammad praises God for Ka`b being slain!


What does this say for society, i.e., that a man can murder one that only vocally opposes him?

 What does this say for true law? If Ka`b were a real criminal, couldn't Muhammad have dealt with him according to the local law or treaty he signed with the Jews?

 What are the implications for Islamic society? In effect, can Muslims murder in the night those who oppose them or Islam? At that time, the Islamic state did not rule over all Medina.

What does this say about the real character of Muhammad?


 It is understandable for a Mafia chieftain to commit such crimes, but not understandable for a man who claims to be a prophet of a righteous God, and implies that it is God's will that the murder be committed.

 All in all, we see a cold blooded murder take place. Muhammad took things into his own hands, and murdered a man who verbally opposed him. This was a brutal murder. A man was tricked by his friends into coming out to help them. Once out, they murdered him.

 Once again, when Muhammad was confronted with a challenge, he dealt with it in a violent fashion. When he lived in Mecca, prior to his flight to Medina, Muhammad was weak and unable to use force to obtain his wants. But after he gained power, he used it to his own advantage, to accomplish his desires. He had become a law unto himself.

This is not the work or actions of a real prophet

 Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, the jihads, all Muslims who use violence as a religious weapon are the true descendents of Muhammad.  These killers and murderers are following the teachings and model of hateful, depravity set by Muhammad of ruthless and  merciless atrocities - torture, mass murders and assassinations of all those who opposed his maniacal vision of civilization. 

In a democracy, you have the right to exercise your God given intelligence to explore the truth of any question, without fear, without enduring threats against yourself or your family.  In Christianity and Judaism nothing is sacred.  There is no teaching of the bible beyond reproach.  No teaching that cannot be opposed or rebuked, discarded etc.  Christians and Jews are not a danger to society.  The last thing we have to worry about are these people strapping on suicide bombs and blowing up our subways, buses, flying planes into our cities or trying to blow them up with weapons of mass destruction with millions dead

The Koran and Islam are a danger to democracy and freedom.  As presently constituted, Islam is an evil ideology and the Koran an evil book on a par with Nazism.  Islam must be reformed.

For the future of our freedom, peace and life this reform must be undertaken. 

The Reform of Islam is a life and death issue for civilization. 

The greatest danger mankind faces is the smuggling of a nuclear weapon by an Islamic Fundamentalist into a major western city killing millions in the name of and to the greater glory of God.  If the hateful teachings are not removed from Islam this is the disaster that will destroy civilization as we know it.  It will dramatically change human history forever.  The stakes are that high.

The Reformation of Islam is an issue of conscience.  Islam as it is presently constituted is an issue of conscience and its Reform is definitely the concern of all peace loving, democratic believing peoples everywhere. Violence in Islam is a direct threat to all mankind. It is an issue of National Security not only for the West but also for Muslim countries.

Least we all forget - it is mostly Muslims who are suffering and being killed and blown up in horrific numbers. Since 911 - over 150,000 Muslims have been murdered by their fellow Muslims in the worst ways imaginable.

Murder, suicide bombings, violence, etc are evil.  When these evil acts are committed in the name of and to the greater glory of God – this is the greatest evil that anyone can commit. Again - to kill and murder so you can ascend to a Paradise of Big Breasted Nymphs to rape and molest for all eternity – this is truly evil incarnate.

 Any Muslim who supports suicide bombers, who commits acts of violence, acts of terrorism, acts of violent jihad in the name of God are MURDERERS.  All the evil teachings in the Koran  must be renounced and denounced totally and completely WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION.  These teachings must be removed from the Koran and a NEW MODERN KORAN published. The publication of a MODERN KORAN will be an instant worldwide best seller.

By leaving these violent and abhorrent teachings in the Koran, moderate Muslims are in effect saying that these teachings are NORMAL.  They are basically acquiescing to evil.  Once you accommodate evil, you lose your moral center and become willingly or unwillingly an accomplice to evil.  You cannot be a Good Muslim – pray 5 times a day etc – and ignore the evil – the moral black hole that lies at very the heart of Islam.   

We can no longer allow Peace Loving Muslims to declare Islam as a religion of Peace and Love and tolerance etc while leaving in the Koran and Islamic texts -teachings of terror, death and destruction, subrogation of women, intolerance, hate etc. We can no longer allow these Muslims to live in a fantasy world of an ALLAH of all Goodness and Muhammad – The Prophet of Peace while the Koran contains teachings of a hateful, murderous ALLAH (the ANTI GOD.)  By demanding that Peace Loving Muslims prove that they are Truly Peace Loving – by removing these evil teachings from the Koran – will be a TRUE MOMENT OF CATHARSIS FOR ISLAM.

Once these evil teachings are removed from the Koran - Islam can be a true Religion of Peace and Love and become one of the many different paths to God.